Saturday Afternoon

by arianambrand

The Grand Bazaar is a warren of streets that were gradually covered over, housing more than 2000 tiny little shops.

It’s a pretty cool place, but I suck at bargaining. Thankfully, everything was so cheap I didn’t feel to guilty about my failure to bargain the price down very far.

The Spice Bazaar is on the other side of the old town, and it’s only about two city blocks long. But it’s stuffed with little shops selling baklava and Turkish delight and kinds of tea.

I ate dinner on the waterfront, and the sunset was lovely.

I walked home through the dark, and just as I reached Sultanahmet Square the call to prayer rang out.

It’s usually not recorded there, but sung into microphones buy the muezzins and broadcast across the city. Standing alone in the square between the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, with the songs echoing over the city was a little bit hair-raising and kind of magical. I took a video:

More photos here.