Ariana was in Hungary from January to May of 2012, studying at the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program. If you would like to read about the food she cooked and ate in Hungary, click here.


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To end this blog, here is a quote from my favorite  journal-writer of all time, William H. Brewer, who was a part of the Whitney Survey in 1860-1864, and kept a brilliant diary that I highly recommend if you are interested in the history of California:

“All looks familiar—some few changes, but Providence has been kind. We are all together again, all in good health. It seems as if I had not been away as we gather about the fire of a cold, wintry evening. All of us look a little older in the face, but hearts and affections are as young as when I left to ramble so far from home. We have snow and cold weather, a winter’s landscape and a winter fireside, where we mutually have many things to tell.

And here let my long letters cease. It is by no means probable that I shall write so long a series again, or at least under such exciting circumstance or amid such interesting scenery. I trust you have had as much pleasure in reading as I have in writing them.”


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