by arianambrand

On Saturday, I visited Topkapı Palace, where the sultans and their harems lived until the new palace was built across the Golden Horn in the 1850s. It was beautiful.

Lunchtime in the gardens (I just love the pretty tulip glasses):

Also, amazing views over the water. No wonder they decided to build the palace here:

I was feeling a little footsore after my days of walking, so I sat down in the park outside the palace and started working on my sock knitting. Some Turkish ladies saw me and gathered around, talking in very fast Turkish and gesturing toward my work. As far as I could tell they were telling me that they usually only knit with two needles. So we sat on the grass together and mimed conversation (I knew about three words of Turkish, so real conversation was difficult, but I told them the sock was for my mother and they seemed very pleased) for a while until their tour group arrived and they swept away in a flurry of colorful overcoats and headscarves. It was nice to know that knitting can make friends wherever you take it.

More tile photos, and a few pictures of the surroundings, are here.