In Which Ariana Goes to Hungary. Obviously.

Month: June, 2012

Last day abroad

I had been dying to visit the Anatolian side of Istanbul since my arrival, and clear skies on Sunday finally made it possible. So we took a ferry, leaving from the mouth of the Golden Horn and sailing up and across to the lovely area around Üsküdar.

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Saturday Afternoon

The Grand Bazaar is a warren of streets that were gradually covered over, housing more than 2000 tiny little shops.

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On Saturday, I visited Topkapı Palace, where the sultans and their harems lived until the new palace was built across the Golden Horn in the 1850s. It was beautiful.

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Wisdom, holy or otherwise

The Hagia Sophia is a spectacular conglomeration of church, mosque, and buttresses that sits like a massive tortoise opposite the blue mosque. Inside, many of the original decorations need restoration, but the grandeur of the site is undeniable.

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Istanbul, not Constantinople

I was staying just down the street from Sultanahmet square, the open park bordered on the south by the Blue Mosque:

and on the north by the Hagia Sophia Museum:

It was a pretty good location, is what I’m saying.

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Tiny Kitten Adventures

Istanbul is a town of many cats.

On my street in Sultanahmet.

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