Last day abroad

by arianambrand

I had been dying to visit the Anatolian side of Istanbul since my arrival, and clear skies on Sunday finally made it possible. So we took a ferry, leaving from the mouth of the Golden Horn and sailing up and across to the lovely area around Üsküdar.

My most beautiful $5 sunglasses.

Dutch (?) warship, just hanging out.

ASIA. Sort of. We walked around for a few hours, visited a beautiful 16th-century mosque and an open-air market, and grabbed lunch before catching another ferry up to the new palace north of the Horn.

Galen still had exams, so he left to study, and I walked down to the new palace, intending to see the famous crystal staircase the royals had installed. Unfortunately for me, the palace was shut, so I drank tea in the garden for an hour across from this lady, who was rocking the turban. This cat was decided that we were cool enough to hang out with and submitted to being petted for a little while before curling up to sleep in the sunshine.

That afternoon, I took the funicular up to Taksim square and followed the nostalgic tram back along its tracks to the horn. The view across the water to the old city was really lovely.

It was a good end to an excellent adventure.

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