In Which Ariana Goes to Hungary. Obviously.

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Things I’ll miss about Budapest

Lehel Market, in the northeastern section of central Pest, is one of my favorite markets. You can get everything there, and it’s very economical.

The meat counters. In the bottom left corner, you can see two people eating lángos, the delicious fried dough of Hungary. I could smell it from where I was standing.

The main market hall, where fruits and vegetables are sold. Unlike the big market, this one is mostly full of people from Budapest.

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Pálinka Festival

Pálinka is the national spirit of Hungary, and it’s a big deal here. The festival is held in the courtyard of the old Buda Castle (now the history museum/national gallery), and it was great fun.

On Castle Hill, waiting for the others to turn up.

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A bear there was, a bear!

Oh Budapest. I will be very sad to go in two weeks. Friday afternoon I finished class at noon and took the bus downtown in search of a good guidebook for Istanbul (where I am going. In two weeks. So excited!). On my way back, I dropped by the Vásárcsarnok and picked up a giant bunch of medvehagyma. The word means bear onions*, but we call them ramsons, ramp, or broad-leaved garlic in English. If you’re ever lucky enough to find these near you, buy some. They’re garlicky and fresh and so delicious, so I thought I would share my totally improvised recipe for bear onion champ. You can replace the bear onions with any green, but it won’t be quite the same.

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Tiny Kitchen Adventures

For a delicious meal: Take a small onion, or half of a medium one. Chop it up finely.

Even smaller than that.

(Above, my beloved Ikea chef’s knife aka GYNNSAM. Swedes are weird.)

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Springtime (and spring break) in Budapest

Of course I had midterms this week. But we did manage to get a fair bit of touristing in all the same.

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Ricotta Apple Tart

We had some friends over on Saturday for a game night, and we had to serve them something, so Hannah bought some turo cheese and some apples and strudel dough, intending to make Hungarian-style rolled strudel. Somewhere in there it mutated a little and became this delicious but not-too-sweet flat tart. It took us about 25 minutes from start to ‘oh no, we only own 5 forks,’ to twelve happy people eating strudel with their hands. Highly successful. I have adapted the recipe for American cooking, but if in Hungary, read ‘turo’ for ‘ricotta’ (and if in England, quark will do). Yes, this is much simpler with a pastry brush, but you can use your clean hands if you have to. Read the rest of this entry »

Hungarian Class

Instead of having actual Hungarian class on Wednesday afternoon, my teacher took us all to Kádár, an old Hungarian eatery in the middle of the Jewish quarter. The food was delicious, and the atmosphere was intensely Hungarian. This is probably the only restaurant in Budapest that still has gas bottles on the table, expecting customers to serve themselves fizzy water and then report how much they drank when the meal is over. The ‘accounting of sins’ is done at the door, the white-coated owner adding up the total cost of the meal (slices of bread and all) as you read them out to him.

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A very small hike

I visited the farmer’s market in Buda early Saturday morning. It was lovely, and entirely full of Hungarians shopping, drinking tea, and eating sausages.

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Famous Cake

I was in Vienna over the weekend, and really, how could I avoid trying the Sachertorte?

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Photos from a sunny day

Saturday was the warmest day we’ve had in weeks, so I went for a long walk, heading to the train station to renew my bus pass, then up to City Park, where a small carnival was taking place. Read the rest of this entry »