In Which Ariana Goes to Hungary. Obviously.

Tag: Amalia

Tiny Kitten Adventures

Istanbul is a town of many cats.

On my street in Sultanahmet.

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Montjuïc, Paella, and the Beach

On Friday, we visited the military fortress on top of Montjuïc, the big hill to the south of the city.

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You already read about Amalia and I visiting Montserrat. Here are some (foggy) photos from that day.

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Wednesday morning we set out into the rain, newly-purchased umbrella in hand.

Our goal was to visit three big Modernisme landmarks in Barcelona: the Block of Discord, Casa Milá and the Sagrada Familia. Read the rest of this entry »

Barceloneta, Barcelona

We are currently sitting in a small restaurant in the Barceloneta after a very long day. (Amalia is the one in italics.)


We got up this morning and went to Montserrat, a monastery in the mountains about an hour away from the city by train. Ariana fell asleep. I watched another girl almost fall out of her chair trying to sleep as well, and it was great. Read the rest of this entry »


I mostly spent my afternoon here, napping and reading in the sunshine. It was awesome. Read the rest of this entry »