by arianambrand

[So I’m home now, but there are a few things I feel I should add for completeness’s sake and if anyone is still reading this, there should be some interesting photos of Istanbul forthcoming in the next few days.]

The last day I was in Hungary, I found a sour cherry tree and ate all the fruit I could reach as I stood underneath the branches sheltering from the rain. Earlier that day, thunderstorms had rolled in from the east and the sky just opened up and poured.

We did get some spectacular stormclouds, though.

From Gellért Hill looking upriver

Extreme sock knitting (pattern here) on top of the highest point in Budapest. That night, we got everyone together for a final farewell dinner at one of the better restaurants downtown, but for some reason I didn’t bring my camera and there are no photos of it. Trust me, it was fun, though.

More photos are here.