Pálinka Festival

by arianambrand

Pálinka is the national spirit of Hungary, and it’s a big deal here. The festival is held in the courtyard of the old Buda Castle (now the history museum/national gallery), and it was great fun.

On Castle Hill, waiting for the others to turn up.

Pálinka is made exclusively from one fermented fruit, from the cheapest grape pomace and plum varieties to the really expensive and unusual black current, mulberry, raspberry and quince. My favorite is made from sour cherries grown in Hungary. It’s delicious.

That’s Buda climbing up the hills behind us there. [From left: Ravi, Michaela, Will, Garner, and Hannah.]

The castle itself is beautiful, especially at night.

Late-night crepes. Delicious.

More photos here, including some really good ones taken by Michaela.