Update, now with more roses

by arianambrand

Last night I dreamed that I was leaving Budapest, and I woke up happy that it wasn’t true and then was sad that it will be in slightly more than a week.

I’m sure you realize that what I have presented to you here is a somewhat slicker, neater version of my real life, which has a lot more homework and angst and vacuuming (seriously, who knew you had to vacuum once a week or else have black feet constantly?) and lying-on-my-bed-reading that you might not find interesting. I don’t write about my feelings much.

Aw yeah artsy macaron shot. I'm a hipster. Sorry.

But there are other things I haven’t written about too–the weekend where I was so sick I gave up on homework and bussed myself across town to the 15th-century Turkish Baths where I spent an unproductive but sinus-clearing morning in the hot water reading analog Harry Potter #6, the Pálinka Festival (more on that soon), our weekly Game of Thrones potlucks (Food! Emotional abuse! Sex and violence!), and how we got about half the BSM together and went to see Avengers, which was, incidentally, amazing.

Ok, so 'lemonade' is an exaggeration. More like orange juice with lemon slices in. But still tasty.

I do a fair amount of wandering and thinking and writing on my own, too. These photos are from Villa Bagatelle, a lovely purple cottage in the middle of Buda where I spent several hours last Saturday. I had never been served raspberries in my lemonade before. The pistachio macaroon was excellent: I could have eaten three.

The roses are everywhere here now. It was about 95° when I took this photo so these guys were wilting. But they were still lovely.

I love this city. I have never seen anything like it–this perfect blend of well-lived decaying city and refurbished, incredible sights, with the minimum number of tourists needed to keep it running. I am deeply grateful to everyone who helped me get here. It’s been amazing. Now I just have to live through finals. One down, four to go…

And hey, the Metro4 is supposed to be up and running by about 2016. So I could come back. Someday.

[photos here]