Sunshine and Lilacs

by arianambrand

That evening, I climbed a hill in the newer part of the city to watch the sun set.

It was beautiful.

I like watching the trains go by and trying to guess where they came from. This set of tracks is pretty awesome, too–farther south, the land dips down into a valley but the train tracks go straight over it, a hundred-plus feet in the air.

After dinner at a brewery downtown, I walked along the river promenade, following the crowds back toward Old Town.

Frank Gehry’s Dancing House, aka Fred and Ginger.

Cool detail on the National Theater.

I found a fine old Art Nouveau cafe on Narodni Avenue (the road dividing Old and New Town) and hung out there for almost an hour listening to the pianist and watching the crowds go by. It was a good Saturday.

For more photos, including more sunset shots, go here.