Hiking in Girona

by arianambrand

Actually, I forgot I was in Spain half the time and kept imagining myself in Italy. Can you blame me?

This photo is taken from the south end of the medieval wall, looking north toward the cathedral and the hill that the city is built on.

I found some wisteria. It smelled so good! The kind we grow at Scripps does not seem to have a scent.

I was trying to photograph all the bees. There were thousands, including the kind I think of as Darth Vader bees, shiny and black and as big as your thumb (edit: looked them up, turns out they’re probably European Carpenter Bees). No such luck however.

Here you can see the size of the wall, as it wraps around the back of the monastery. It’s actually taller than this behind me in this photo, so you can see how serious they were about protecting the town.

Doorway, looking northwest.

The sad and chilly Arab Baths. Actually, they were quite cool, just not open for bathing since around the 12th century.

The start of my hike up the Sant Daniel Valley into the Els Angels wilderness to the east. It was very pretty.

Actually, spectacular. I had such a wonderful time wandering around in the sunshine, looking at flowers (lots of yellow broom there, and the tiny daisies and violets) and exploring the hiking trails. It was the perfect afternoon.

A few more shots from the wall, and a blurry one of the massive nave of the cathedral (I didn’t want to use flash while the palm Sunday mass was going on. It’s still super cool though) here.

To read more about what I did in Girona, see this post from last week.