by arianambrand

I mostly spent my afternoon here, napping and reading in the sunshine. It was awesome.


We are staying in a lovely bright hostel directly across the plaza from the cathedral in the Barri Gótic, which is the center of the old town in Barcelona. It is sandwiched between El Raval to the west, L’Eixample (the ‘new’ expansion of the city) to the north, and the beach town of Barceloneta to the south. Basically, a really cool part of town. I can’t wait to get out and explore it a bit more!

I am currently in the common room waiting for Amalia to turn up– I’m afraid her plane must have been delayed. I hope she’s not having trouble with the airline, but I know they can be a real pain sometimes. Anyway, exciting adventures tomorrow I’m sure.

UPDATE: Amalia is here! Yay!