by arianambrand


Took these photos while sitting in the plaza of old town Girona waiting for my tapas. Look at that face! I need a tiny lap greyhound.


Really busy day today–woke up at 3:30 (!) to catch my 6:00 flight, then took a train way up north to Figueres, the town that Salvadore Dalí was born in. There, I visited the “theatre-museum” that he designed to house most of his art (and his tomb). Guys, Dalí is weird. I don’t know. The coolest part, though, was a small exhibit of his jewelry designs, including ‘royal heart’, a golden heart shape that has been cut open treveal the anatomically correct, ruby heart within–a ruby heart that beat rhythmically when a visitor’s presence triggered its motor. Creepy, but awesome. (I can’t link from the iPad, but google it, the video is pretty cool.) (UPDATE 9th April– Found a video that shows it ok. Turn the sound off, whoever filmed it does a lot of breathing.)


But now I’m in Girona, in a lovely clean hostel full of interesting people, and there are plans to visit gardens and baths and a Romanesque art museum so I am going to bed now. Dinner was delicious though. Papas bravas are a brilliant invention. Hooray, Spain! Photos to follow.