1848. március 15 (II)

by arianambrand

On the way back to the train station, we found the remains of the amphitheater of Aquinicum.

The gate was open, so we went in and climbed around the ruins. When the town was occupied, the amphitheater was easily big enough to hold over 1000 people, and was used for gladiator fights.

Michaela took this awesome panorama of us in the amphitheater.

The amphitheater from above. You can see the railroad tracks off to the left. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

We got hungry for lunch, so we caught the train and headed further north, to Szentendre (St. Andrew’s), a lovely little suburb of Budapest on the Danube bend. It reminds me a lot of Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic: picturesque, pretty touristy, but really charming for all that. I am definitely going back there when the weather is warmer.

A Serbian Orthodox church. You can also see Michaela’s ribbon for the 15th of March in the lower corner.

The first snowdrops.

Szamos Marzipan is famous in Hungary. I was amused by the idea of marzipan potatoes (Burgonya=potato)

Marzipan model of Parliament. Pretty accurate, I would say.

We finished off the day with ‘romai fagylalt’–roman ice-cream, aka gelato. It was a lovely end to a great day.