Some Weekend

by arianambrand

Friday night, I went to see a Hungarian Irish Punk band in a pirate-themed music club. It was great fun.

Hilarious, too, to hear them performing renditions of Drunken Sailor and The Irish Rover with Hungarian lyrics. The band is called Firkin, and you can hear some of their music here (warning: website autoplays. Turn down speakers before clicking.)

We had a lovely time, along with about two hundred other people, including young punk dudes with mohawks and grandparently couples who seemed to be enjoying the music just as much.

The violinist was pretty awesome–she had a five-string neon blue electric fiddle. The flautist was equally excellent, if a rendered a bit silly by the pitch of his instrument. He made up for it in enthusiasm, though. I basically had a lovely time, capped by the tram ride back over Liberty Bridge towards the brightly lit city. I wish I could have gotten a good photo. I’ll go back and try again sometime.

“We like to rebel a little around this time of year,” said my Bioinformatics professor. “Just stay away from the protests and you will be okay.” Welp.

I actually completely forgot that we were expecting a 15,000-person demonstration against the corrupt government at Parliament on Saturday and accidentally metro’d myself into the center of the protest at four o’clock. (I was actually trying to visit the shoes commemorating the Jews murdered on the river there in 1944, which I attempted to photograph and then gave up on–too crowded. But the sculpture is sad and very beautiful. Here is a photo)

Seen here: Prime Minister Viktor Orban as Pinocchio. The whole demonstration was very calm, as far as I could tell. I really wish I could have understood the speeches being made. March 15th, a huge national holiday commemorating the revolution of 1848, is coming up fast, and I think more, bigger, protests are planned for Thursday and Friday. Here’s hoping things stay calm.