Rain and the Way Back

by arianambrand

It started out bright and lovely Sunday but while we sat in a cafe eating a bread-and-jam breakfast it got a bit darker.

Me, reflected in the window of the Albertina. It had started to hail by then. I ended up taking cover in a cafe until it became clear that I would either have to make a run for it or miss my train.

I made the train, soaked through and not a moment too soon. Just minutes later, we were whizzing along out of the rain. The country between Budapest and Bécs (as the Hungarians call Vienna) is really lovely.

No one had realized just how comfortable we are in Hungary until the train announcements switched from German to Hungarian and we could suddenly understand them. Funny, how new places become home so fast.

It’s good to be back. Next up: Prague. Or Debrecen. Or Venice?