Schönbrunn Palace, Austria

by arianambrand

It was so strange to be here again, after having visited in 2006 with the orchestra. The last time, it was hot and sunny and the hedges were green. It was really pretty desolate this time around.

But the clouds broke up a little bit and it actually became quite nice out.

Having lost everyone I was supposed to be with (I still maintain that they got lost, but that might be a losing battle) I gave up on waiting for them and climbed the hill to the Gloriette.

It really is lovely up there. I spent the next hour following squirrels in the woods and attempting to photograph them, which was not successful.

It’s so funny to think that when this was built, this was the countryside, where the royalty could get away from the stinking hot city in the summer. It is now a bare two U-bahn stops from our hostel in central Vienna, and completely surrounded by city. Definitely worth it for a morning’s wander.

So what did I do (besides fail to photograph twitchy red squirrels) after having been abandoned to my own devices? Explanations to come in the next post.