by arianambrand

Vienna. This weekend. It’s going to be awesome! Turns out that Vienna is no more than three hours away, and pretty easy to get around. I hardly remember the last time I was there so it will be fun to check it out again. I will update with photos as soon as I am back.

Tonight was Ash Wednesday, so no meat for my roommate. Instead we made lemon-parsley quinoa cakes and served them with a lemon-sour cream sauce on salad greens. I had also visited the Lehel market behind the Western Train station on the recommendation of a fellow blogger (thanks, Zita!) and somehow wound up with half a kilo of beautiful, tiny brussels sprouts. Hannah was kind of cagey about trying them, but I think she’s converted–she went back for seconds! The recipe is here, and you can leave out the bacon as we did this evening, but it does add a nice salty kick against the sweet glaze of the reduced balsamic.

I am finally all registered for courses– four math and Hungarian. Should be pretty fun…although that means I really need to do my homework on the train Friday.

PS, new favorite Hungarian word: fényképezőgép, lit. light-picture-taking-machine aka camera. So excellent, this additive language.