Photos from a sunny day

by arianambrand

Saturday was the warmest day we’ve had in weeks, so I went for a long walk, heading to the train station to renew my bus pass, then up to City Park, where a small carnival was taking place. The light in our courtyard was lovely.

I stopped at Maródi Cukrászda for a snack. This is a Krémes, a popular dessert in Budapest that I decided I had to try after reading this article several months ago. The cappucino was excellent, and the egg custard was delightful. I could eat this every day, but it would probably have a detrimental effect on my health.

Maródi is on Jászai Mari Tér, a square just east of the Danube. So I walked across Margit Hid to Margaret Island. The river was beautiful, and full of birds.

Margaret Island.

Looking upriver toward Óbuda. There is supposed to be a pretty hiking trail up to that radio tower, but I think I’ll wait until it’s a little less snowy.

My feet got pretty muddy, even on the city side. But at least the snow is melting! I just sat here and soaked in the sunshine for a while. It was an excellent afternoon.

I think I’ve taken about thirty photos of Parliament. It doesn’t really get old. I mean, look at that thing. Hogwarts could take some advice from the Hungarians.

P.S. Added some photos of the hugely successful onion & cheese tart, and the apple tart that went with it. You can see them here.