Too cold to go sightseeing

by arianambrand

Our heaters are broken, so I am wearing all the clothes I own at once.


My rosemary plant, also a chilly transplant from a Mediterranean climate.


I finished my socks, though!

20120211-113121.jpgAlso started my handwarmers. The pattern is the Endpaper Mitts, which is one of the most popular patterns on Ravelry.

Last night a bunch of us went out to dinner at Cafe Vian on Franz Lizst Square down near Oktogon. The food was pretty excellent– I got a great club sandwich on brown bread, and we also tried Chicken Paprikash, a dijon chicken dish, and goulash soup. They also do excellent milkshakes and the best-looking breakfast I’ve seen in Budapest.

Afterwards, we met up with my third roommate and her boyfriend at Doboz, a semi-upscale ruin pub just a few blocks riverward of my apartment.

 We sat around drinking hot wine under the crazy light fixtures until the people who live in Buda had to leave to catch the last bus back.

Now I am sitting in the living room planning meals for the next week. Hannah found this excellent website called Punchfork which collects recipes and lets you save the ones that appeal (Amalia Frick and Skyler Lipscomb, check this out, seriously. It’s great.)

I did go to school this week, and the classes I attended (six of them!) are really interesting. I’ll let you know what I decide at the end of next week. I guess I can’t take six at a time…