Pigs and Pálinka

by arianambrand

So it snowed:

All day long, actually. We went downtown to Liberty Square, where the Mangelica Festival (pronounced mongaleetza) was being held. What is a Mangelica?


And also these. They’re special Hungarian pigs responsible for the truly amazing sausage here.

It was about -10°C and we were freezing, so Hannah and I split a lángos, which is essentially yeast-dough frybread. Traditionally it is served with sour cream and cheese, but we were so cold, we just ate ours plain and hot.

We also sampled the Mangalica sausage, which came with giant chunks of bread and amazing mustard. It was a fun day, and I would love to go back tomorrow if it’s any warmer.

Another fun thing from this week: the chocolate and pálinka tasting! Four of us met up on Thursday evening at this chocolate cafe near Kálvin Tér. We were served a cup of hot chocolate & pálinka each, plus three small chocolates.

We tested all four flavors:

milk chocolate with pear pálinka and dried pears

milk chocolate with grape pálinka and raisins.

white chocolate with apricot pálinka and dried apricots

milk chocolate with cherry pálinka and preserved sour cherries

Mine was made with cherries. It was so delicious! The chocolate was just sweet enough, and the cherry flavor was really intense. I am going to try to buy some to bring home later.