A Tearózsa

by arianambrand

Jared, I know you wondered how singing sounded in Hungarian. Wonder no more:

Bőrönd Ödön a Köröndön
Ül a kövön, ül a kövön fekete színű bőröndön.

Arra jár egy helikopter,
Lerádióz a riporter:
Bőrönd Ödön, Bőrönd Ödön,
Miért is ülsz itt a Köröndön feketeszín bőröndödön?

Azért ülök a Köröndön
Feketeszín bőröndömön,
Várom, hogy a tearózsa
Kinyíljon az aszfaltkövön,
S a 4-es busz begörögjön.

In English:

Suitcase Eugene on the Circus*
Sitting on the stone on the black suitcase.

There comes a helicopter.
The reporter radios down:
‘Suitcase Eugene, Suitcase Eugene,
Why do you sit here in the Circus on your black suitcase?”

“I’m sitting here in the Circus
on my black suitcase
Looking forward to the tea-roses
which will  grow up from the asphalt
and waiting for the #4 bus** to arrive.”

*The Circus is a large circular roundabout on Andrassy Utca, about halfway between downtown and city park

**The #4 bus was discontinued because it never ran on time. So Suitcase Eugene is waiting for flowers to bloom in the Circus and for a bus that will never arrive.

On the much more annoying side, we have the classic(?) Mizu

The only worthwhile bit is the chorus:

Kicsilány, ou, szia, helló!
álljunk össze, mint két kicsi lego
na figyu már, mondom mi a szitu
te lány, én meg fiú
na mizu, mizu, mizu?

Girly, oh! Hello, hello!
We fit together like two little legos
Listen now, I’ll tell you about the situation
Girl and a boy
What’s up? What’s up? What’s up?

Hungarian. It’s hilarious.