In Which Ariana Goes to Hungary. Obviously.

Month: January, 2012

My room


Our apartment has huge ceilings.
It’s quite pretty, in a minimalist way.

Off to buy food for dinner. Going to visit one of the baths later.

(And I did manage to stay up all day Sunday. Only I completely crashed at about 8PM…so I got up at 5 this morning. Jet lag success)


From an Airplane

Time: somewhere over the United Kingdom Sunday 15th

Sitting on the plane, unable to sleep, once again because of Stephen King. I know, I keep reading those books and they mess me up, but I was stuck in the airport without anything to read but Mrs. Gaskell (I know, Tara) and I ended up with The Green Mile. It took me about five hours and was as haunting and perfectly-crafted a story as anything I’ve ever read. Read the rest of this entry »

On my way

Hey Tara! I do have a travel blog. Thanks so much for the needles!


Here’s a photo of the cat

For your viewing pleasure:


Here is a Post.

Look, I’m posting on my slightly-cliche-by-now semester-abroad blog. I think it should be fairly interesting–I don’t anticipate long posts but it will be good to make notes on school, living in a city, feeding myself adequately, etc. With the ipad’s capacity to add photos almost instantaneously, I might be able to put up photos fairly often. So yes.

Hello family! I expect you’ll see this also.