by arianambrand

City Park is one of the largest parks in Pest, and it is a nice place to go walking. It contains two museums of art, a bunch of monuments, the skating rink, a castle, and the Széchenyi Baths. It’s a bus ride away from me, up in the 14th district, but it’s been a fun place for us spend weekends.

Andrassy Ut, one of the big radial roads that leads to the City Park. Metro1 runs underneath it. In fact, the metro was originally built as a way to get people from central Pest to City Park without taking up space on Andrassy.

Monument to the 1956 revolution. It’s quite beautiful. The shiny metal point of the iceberg appears to be rising straight out of the asphalt, cracking it into pieces.

Anonymous, the unknown notary who wrote the first books of Hungarian history. It is good luck to touch his pen.


Cabbages. It is winter, after all.