A Ruin and a Bath

by arianambrand

Last night, a bunch of the BSM/AIT kids and I went to the baths again. It was awesome being in the water, but getting out to get dressed was miserably cold. Last night was actually our coldest night yet, -5º C, so no wonder.

The steam rising off the baths made it so difficult to see that three parties of BSM kids wandered around for like half an hour before finding each other.

I was very cold. But we had a lovely time paddling around. I want to try all the baths here–I hear there is a Turkish one over on the Buda side that is supposed to be fun.

After our hands were sufficiently pruned, a bunch of us headed downtown to the inner part of the 7th District (I live in the outer edge of it–it’s quite long and thin) to one of the better-known ruin pubs.

Apparently a bunch of these Soviet-era buildings downtown aren’t really suitable to live in, so clubs and bars have taken them over. It’s amazing how cozy and inviting they can make a crumbling building.

We bought hot wine to keep ourselves warm. It was a little cinnamony for my taste, but who is arguing with 200HUF/deciliter?

The walls were all graffitied up. Szimpla Kert is one of the most popular ruin pubs in the area, so there were scribblings in all languages.

It’s still bitterly cold here. I am resisting the urge to wear all my socks at once. The problem with having really nice warm baths right down my street is that I  really want to go there all the time.

I will update you about my amazing, delicious cooking class as soon as Agnes and Istvan send me the photos they took of our meal. Egészségedre!