Q + A with Mom

by arianambrand

Did you bring enough warm clothes? Yes, although it would be really nice to have some gloves that are warmer, perferably glittens. My hands get so cold! Also really glad to have the silk pajamas and sleeping bag liner because our house is definitely not warm at night

How are your new sneakers working out? They are awesome. I wear them almost every day, and they blend right in. Hungarians totally do wear trainers, though. So there.

Do you like your roommates? I only have one so far, from St. Olaf. She is really nice! She is an excellent cook and exactly as neat as I am. We will get a third next week when she comes back from her vacation.

Have you met students from other colleges or other countries? There is a girl from India who is really cool, and a boy from Bulgaria who I don’t know well, but they are all students at American colleges. Claremont is definitely the biggest representative, with 6 students (three from Mudd, two from Pomona, and yrs. truly). Upstate New York’s colleges sent a bunch of students too. It’s a great group of people–we’re all getting together tonight, which should be great.

When will you take a cooking class? I signed up for one on Saturday! We are going to go to the Vasarcsarnok to buy ingredients, and then head over to the cooking teacher’s apartment on the Buda side by taxi. We’re making potato soup, beef stew, and dessert dumplings. More on that Saturday.

Have you rented a violin? Working on it. One of our pianists literally walked into the Lizst Academy and asked to be directed to the practice rooms, so he’s doing ok. The other musicians are still figuring out what to do. I might try to split a violin with the other violinist.

Does already knowing Spanish help you learn Hungarian? Yes, in that I know what to expect of verb conjugation. But otherwise, it’s totally unrelated.

Have you learned enough to help you grocery shop yet? Nope. Definitely spent half an hour looking for capers today and never found them. I did buy more delicious cheese, though.

Do many people speak English? About 70% of the people I have met speak English really well, which is great. I hope to get better at Hungarian though.