Learning to Cook

by arianambrand

Having a kitchen more or less to myself is kind of a new experience and I am kind do flailing around with planning meals etc. Tonight should be counted a success, however: we made chicken piccata with pasta, and ate the last two pieces of last night’s eggplant parmigiana as a side dish.

We’re very lucky to have a fairly complete kitchen- colander, steak knives, two cutting boards, cheese grater, and corkscrew- most of the other students don’t have half as much. What I miss: sharp knives and the food processor. How are we supposed to make bread crumbs? Woe is me. Also, this oven has no broil setting, which I never thought I would be without.

Since we bought the chicken at the Vasarcsarnok, it came in a giant whole breast, meaning we definitely have tomorrow night’s dinner all ready if we buy a little bread. Cooking for two is so weird!

Also at the Vasarcsarnok I bought my roommate a persimmon because she had never had one before. Really, that market is a never ending source of interesting things. Hooray Europe. It’s great to be able to buy wine for recipes, too. The chicken piccata would not have been right without it-and it’s nice to have a glass with dinner, too.


(photo from google images)