Hungarian things

by arianambrand

Went shopping today. It was an interesting experience. Apparently you have to weigh your produce yourself and get a ticket or risk a scolding from the checkout ladies.

This is a local dessert(?) called Túró Rudi. It’s basically cheese wrapped in chocolate, and I know that sounds really weird but it works. The cheese is kind of pleasantly lemony and buttery and the chocolate is really rich and smooth. It’s probably the most popular dessert in Hungary, and the government recently declared it a part of traditional Hungarian cuisine.

(photo from google images)

Another delightful tradition in Hungary is the mulled wine you can buy pretty much everywhere. It’s hot and sweet and quite cheap (650HUF, about $2.70 for a glass), and since there are no open container laws, it’s totally fine to wander around the park with your wine.

School tomorrow, from 9-4 as per usual. Learning Hungarian for that long really pulverizes my brain. It’s so difficult! Good thing I’m taking it this whole semester…