Castle Hill

by arianambrand

Today we walked up to Castle Hill on the Buda side.

The views are incredible. The Buda hills rise straight up from the western river bank and roll off to the horizon. I’m sure they will be beautiful in the spring.

It was still really cold out.

The huge neogothic building off to the left in the photo below is the Parliament, on the Pest side.

Below you can see St. Istvan’s basilica in the center of the photo as seen looking East from the Buda side. Pest is much flatter than Buda, and more like a city–more apartments, fewer villas.

Anyway, it’s beautiful here but I can’t wait for it to get warmer. I think I’ll go to the baths tomorrow to warm up a bit.

Also, my current favorite Hungarian word is Paradicsom– Tomato, lit. Paradise-apple. Cool, right?