Amerikai vagyok

by arianambrand

On Tuesday, we walked downtown and visited the Great Synagogue in the old Jewish quarter.


It was really impressive. The synagogue, which is the biggest in Europe, was built in the 1850s, used as a stable and radio station by the Germans during WWII, and then repaired within the last ten years.

Here’s a detail of the cupola:

We then went to the largest open market in Budapest, the Vasarcsarnok, and bought food for dinner. They sell everything you could possibly want there, if ‘everything you could possibly want’ includes cabbage and tripe, and excludes Asian condiments (no soy sauce in the whole city! darn.)

Today I had to go to Hungarian class. There are about fifty students from the BSM taking the class, and they’re all really nice. The classes are great, too- Hungarian (dispite not being an indo-european language) is not quite as insane as you might think, with the exception of some of the more ancient words–ie ‘goodbye’ lit. ‘until we meet again:’ Viszontlátásra!

(photos in this post from google images; my camera was broken.)