From an Airplane

by arianambrand

Time: somewhere over the United Kingdom Sunday 15th

Sitting on the plane, unable to sleep, once again because of Stephen King. I know, I keep reading those books and they mess me up, but I was stuck in the airport without anything to read but Mrs. Gaskell (I know, Tara) and I ended up with The Green Mile. It took me about five hours and was as haunting and perfectly-crafted a story as anything I’ve ever read.

Our plane was built approximately in the era of the Wright Brothers, and the auxiliary generator gave out just as we got on board–no lights, no AC, in Dallas on a 75-degree day. We sat for a sweltering hour in the dark before they got it going again, and I’m honestly not certain it’s working now. The lights seem to be blinking on and off at random, but at least the overhead tvs (I know right not even seatback monitors. There are ashtrays in the arms of our chairs, too. I have no idea how this thing is flying) have stopped flashing weird movies at us.

I probably won’t catch my flight to Budapest, but stranger things have happened. No idea when I’ll end up getting in. I hope to post this from Frankfurt as I assume the Europeans are more enlightened about free wifi than we are.

It’s quite dark out still. It must be around 6am in Germany now? I forget when we’re supposed to get in. Will try for some sleep.

Time: noon, Frankfurt

We didn’t crash, but I missed my flight, got on the next one, should arrive around two. I did manage to sleep, and started North and South, which is excellent so far. Also, my cold went away? I didn’t think three hours of sleep would help that much.

Oh, and Haley, if you read this, those pocket coffees are amazing. I feel SO AWAKE. Also my hands are twitching. So that’s fun.


I’ll update you more later, this is just ramblings from a long airplane ride.